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The Bella Vista Debate Club is Looking for Members

Bella Vista High School has a variety of clubs, from a 3D modeling to an Amnesty club, there’s just about anything one could think of, and there’s a club for it. Despite the circumstances of everyone having to stay at home and participate in school through distance learning, Bella Vista still hosted a club day––virtually. During club day, a video was posted informing students about all the different clubs and what they were all about. The BV Newsroom decided to reach out to Mckenna Worthington, a sophomore and a member of the BV Debate club, and decided to ask her some questions about it, to gain a little more information on the club and it’s activities, and why she wanted to be a part of the club in the first place.

What inspired you to be a part of the club? I wanted a club where it wasn’t competitive and mainly just fun for everyone no matter their debate abilities.

Every club has a goal, whether it was to provide a safe and fun environment for its members where they can all bond over their shared interest, or if it’s to make a change in the world, there’s always a goal.

What do you hope to accomplish from being in the club? I hope for everyone in the club to get better at public speaking and more skills in persuasive arguments.

The Debate club is for anyone, no matter their prior experience. The main goal of the club is for the members of the club to improve upon their public speaking skills, and to help with their skills in persuasive arguments. So if one needs or wants to improve any of these skills, then the Debate club is definitely a club they should consider joining. The skills strengthened within the club may come in handy in the future.

Every club has its own activities, catering to each of the club’s different goals.

What are some typical club activities? We have debates every two weeks on things that are relevant in our society today, like zoom versus school learning.

If someone is interested in discussing current events, then the Debate club could also be a place for them. The weekly zoom meeting contributes to the overall goals of the club because when discussing things over zoom, it helps members practice public speaking skills.

What type of people do you think would enjoy/benefit from this club? Anyone who’d enjoy it and want to put in the work for it.

Really, anyone can enjoy the Debate club, as long as they’re interested in it and are interested enough so they participate and put in the work for it.

If someone is looking for a club to join, the Bella Vista Debate Cub is always an option. It amplifies public speaking skills and is able to function with one's busy schedule. For more details about the club, contact Mckenna Worthington.

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