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Hope Club: What it’s About and How to Join

Bella Vista’s club roster this year is expansive, with around 50 different clubs to join. Although some committed to a club during club day, with so many different choices, it might be intimidating. To help give a better picture of the club experience and a possible club to join, I attended Hope Club, a generally mental health themed club that meets every Monday. For newer students, this club might be ideal. Its focus could be helpful for those struggling to adapt to a new school environment, or for freshmen, the pressures of high school. Generally the structure is also more laid back, which might be less overwhelming for new club goers. The purpose and goals of the club are multifaceted; it can function as a forum and support system for those who are struggling, or an opportunity to hear advice from others.

To get a better understanding of Hope Club, I interviewed its founder and leader, James Pereira (24).

What does your club do?

“We do a variety of activities that center around our main goal. Oftentimes there is a specific topic of the week :such as motivation, community, positive mindsets, etc.) And usually I or someone else will speak on the topic and how we can relate it to our school lives. We also often play fun games and do other activities.”

What made you want to start this specific club?

“I started Hope Club because I saw how difficult high school can be for many people. And I wanted to make a positive change. I thought a fun club group that talked about useful life topics would be a great way to make a difference at BV.”

What are your main goals for the future of your club?

“My main goal for Hope Club is to have a fun club that provides people with helpful life resources, and that as a club we can create a more positive school atmosphere!”

What would you like people to know about your club?

“The club is really fun! Everyone is welcome, we meet every Monday during lunch in d4. There’s usually candy, and make sure to invite your friends!”

All around, Hope Club would be a good experience for those struggling at school, or just those who would like to foster a better sense of community at school. The structure of the club means no one should be left out, and anyone can join. A good experience for anyone looking to join a club this year, but unsure of where to go.

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