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Halloween at Bella Vista

Last year’s Halloween was a little different and weird for a lot of us, so I asked a couple students at Bella Vista High School three simple questions regarding how they’re feeling and what their plans are about this year's upcoming Halloween as we make a slow return to normal after a pandemic.

I first went to Ava Reckers, a Sophomore, about her opinions and plans for this year’s Halloween.

So now that you’re in high school, do you still have any interest in trick or treating or dressing up? Yes, I plan on dressing up and spending Halloween with friends. I feel like we are still young and it’s our last few years to be kids. Those who don’t dress up miss out on new friendships, planning costumes with friend groups, and candy, duh! (Ava Reckers, Sophomore)

Do you have any specific plans for this year’s Halloween?

I plan on spending it with friends at a Halloween party, and going trick or treating.

Are you anxious about any safety concerns surrounding Covid-19 on Halloween this year and will it be affecting your plans? Yes, I am concerned about Covid affecting my plans however, I have to put faith in my friends that they are being safe as well. We’re all vaccinated which eases the tension, but hand sanitizer and masks will definitely be necessities.

Next I asked a freshman at BV, Amelia Oliver, for her opinions. She wasn’t really interested in dressing up but she is still planning on hanging out with friends this Halloween. She believes that “as long as everyone is careful, I think we should be safe” (Amelia Oliver, Freshman).

Not everyone has the Halloween spirit, regardless of Covid-19. High school already brings more responsibilities like homework and extracurricular activities. Sophomore Michelle Gu, doesn’t have any interest in dressing up or trick or treating this Halloween because she “doesn’t want to spend time shopping and getting ready” (Michelle Gu, Sophomore). Michelle said she doesn’t have any plans and is probably going to sleep or just do homework.

After surveying a couple more students, it looks like this year’s Halloween is going to be very similar for a lot of us. Even if some of the students have lost interest in trick or treating, or dressing up, some are still making up for last year’s lost Halloween by hanging out with friends, or just simply watching horror movies. Halloween is a favorite holiday for a lot of people so celebrating it is very important to them. Although this Halloween will still be different compared to previous years’ Halloweens, due to the still steady cases of Covid-19, it won’t be the same situation as last year. Students like Ava Reckers will be keeping cautious this Halloween and making sure to stay careful, as well as making the most out of it and having fun.

We all know as we go into high school some of us can lose interest in dressing up or trick or treating, that’s why finding other stuff to do can still make it fun without losing the Halloween spirit! It’s harder to find exciting things to do this year though because of Covid-19, but we can still find fun things to do with our friends while making sure we are wearing masks and respecting others' boundaries during this upcoming Halloween. We hope you have a fun and safe Halloween this year, full of spooky excitement.

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