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BV Seniors Reflect on their Last Year

Even though the BV class of 2021 had an in-person graduation ceremony, not all BV seniors are satisfied with the past school year.

“I feel like some of the district requirements are a little over the top and all for show,” says Sophia Butler. “Zoom sucked, but I’m glad we got the last couple weeks almost fully in person.”

Losing sports was the biggest disappointment for Baylie Jackson. “I didn’t really get to play in any games and obviously had restrictions on practices for a long time... I’m really lucky overall that my family and I have all been safe, healthy… I’m not sure I’ll miss high school [a] ton, just the fun little moments…” Jackson thought online learning was wasted since it was hard for her to focus.

Zibusiso Gumbo also had a hard time with distance learning as a result of taking advanced courses. Her feelings about her last year of high school with the pandemic went from sadness to acceptance. “I feel like I spent a lot of my high school career saving up all my fun for senior year,” she says, “and I regret that very much because I missed out on some fun experiences…”

Caitlyn Browning, a track participant, would have liked to have a normal sports season along with the common senior events such as the senior picnic. “I'm definitely a little bitter that I didn't get to experience my full senior year, but at the same time I'm grateful I got to experience even a little bit of it.” She feels prepared for college, but will miss high school.

Emily Webb is ready to move on and discovered this year with the pandemic that she won’t miss high school. “Basically, the last year at BV was kinda’ crap, but we all made the best of it.” Connor Dowd sees the positive outcomes out of this year’s circumstances. “I was able to go on vacations and still log into my classes,” he says. “ I had a much more flexible schedule where I was able to hang with my friends on school days which was normally not a possibility. I was able to disc golf and play basketball before or after school and it felt like there was more to my life than just school.” Dowd would have enjoyed a senior rally, but like some of his peers, is eager to graduate.

Natalie Rueb is pleased with her last year. “I feel satisfied with my last year of high school. Even with all the limitations from Covid, I tried my best to stay positive and look for the positives during a time that was hard for all of us. My teachers, friends and family helped me greatly to complete senior year successfully and with no regrets… This year has shown me how independent I am.”

Not all senior students can be happy with the same outcome. The in-person ceremony only allowed two guests per student and social distance and masks were required. For those who were unable to experience the event in person, the graduation was live-streamed on YouTube.

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