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A Timeline of the Ever-Changing Virus

Zibusiso Gumbo lays out the packed events of the last several months regarding distance learning and COVID-19.


Thanksgiving has been a staple in America for longer than many can recall. It's a time to prepare food, give thanks. Some watch football,...

"Modern" Film and Going Backwards

The world of film is a delightful one; always bringing new ideas to the silver screen. Behind it are directors, producers, screenwriters,...

Halloween During a Pandemic

As we near the end of the year, we finally get around to the holiday season! Halloween is a very special holiday for many people, and...

A Youthful Perspective on Voting

As the battle of positions, voting, and whether or not adolescents and young adults are ready to vote has flooded the nation, voters get...

Youth Voting: Juvnile or the Future?

What is Prop 18 you might ask? Prop 18 is a proposition within our upcoming ballots in 2020, in which 17-year-olds will be allowed to...

Teenage Unemployment on the Rise

A summer interrupted, on pause for longer and longer increments of time. The summer job is an essential part of many teen’s lives, but as...

The Show Goes on...on Zoom

Zibusiso Gumbo elaborates with drama teacher Mrs. Schlatter about teaching in a pandemic.

Facing the Music

In the age of this pandemic, many people have been faced with losses. At the beginning, everything was postponed. Sports were postponed,...

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