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Window Girl - Public Transportation EP Review

Sacramento-based indie rock band Window Girl returns to the soundspace a year after Passing Periods with their new EP Public Transportation. Window Girl consists of Edynn Sandoval on drums and Steven Greer on guitar, as well as Bella Vista alumni Holden Vigna on guitar and Meztli Medina on bass. The EP features six songs, including “Terracotta” and “Infinite Whatever”. The EP doesn’t have a definite sound that the band can really call theirs, however Public Transportation is an endearing messy hodgepodge of sounds and moods, which really makes it all the more loveable.

*Picture of Window Girl at a concert in July. From left to right: Meztli Medina, Edynn Sandoval, Holden Vigna, and Steven Greer (Photo: Eddie Wokas)

The whole point of EP's is to experiment, develop, and workshop ideas, while also making music that they enjoy. The mixing on this EP is more balanced and brings life to the vocals, which is more pleasurable and brings a better listening experience. Starting off with the first song “Headache”, Window Girl brings loud vocals and loud guitars over heavy drums to create something that will set the tone for the EP. One of my least favorite songs on the EP, really can’t find any redeeming qualities. But, the second song “Terracotta” reigns the overall sound back in, by slowing down the pace and bringing mellower vocals and drums.

*Window Girl performing at The Berkeley Art House this summer (Photo: Eddie Wokas)

Next, we have one of the better songs on the EP, “Squeeze”, where the slightly distorted guitar with the bass and drums really work with the vocals and create a nice listening experience. Top tier pacing and tone really complete it. “Hydrangeas” is right after, and brings a mellower tone to prepare you for the next song, which so happens to be my favorite song, “Sleep on Me”. The overall vibe of the song is so chill, and the layered vocals really complete the song and just make it stand out. The pure emotion in the song yells at me through the whispers of the vocals. No one is trying too hard and is just working together to make an absolute banger. I cannot express how good this song is in simple words. Definitely a late night song to cry or sleep or study too. It covers a very wide range of emotions. This is (for real) one of my favorite songs recently, up there with artists who have been around a little longer. And last but not least is “Infinite Whatever”, which combines the slowest and mellowest parts of the EP with “Headache”, which makes the heaviness much more bearable and pleasurable to consume.

Overall, Public Transportation is definitely worth a listen if you are into indie rock, shoegaze, and other similar genres.

(Stream Public Transportation and Window Girl on all music services today!)

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