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JV Boys Water Polo: The Luck of the Draw

I watched the JV Boys Water Polo Game against Inderkum High Schoo on Monday, October 4th. “There were some wins and losses,” one might say. “They didn’t do that great,” another one said. We think the JV boys Water Polo would feel the same. Yeah, they did lose. We are just going to put it out there like that.

The score was three to fourteen with Benssen, Cater, and Alicka scoring the goals, which were pretty impressive, with a few amazingly blocked goal attempts by the goalie Scott and a few good plays by Jackson. Some of the boys that we talked to had a variety of answers about water polo. Some of them felt like they didn't belong in playing the sport, and others may not be enthusiastic, but are trying their best. A lot of them say that they don't want to come back and play water polo next year which is quite sad because we're losing more than half of our Varsity Boys water polo team this year due to graduation.

The aquatics program at Bella Vista is one of the best in all of the San Juan Unified School District, barring Del Campo, El Camino, and Rio Americano High School; we know that because last year our swim team went undefeated not losing a single swim meet, and our water polo teams did pretty well.

After witnessing them play against Inderkum, we realized that or we realized that they have a lot of learning to do They lost three to fourteen, but you know what? Who cares! Some of them also had a little bit of fun asking their fellow opposites such as a lucky JV captain of the girls water polo team getting asked to homecoming which probably lightened up the mood for a few of our fellow JV boys. I would just like to call out again Benson, Carter, Alika, and Scott for playing so well in the game is scoring goals, blocking goals from being scored. A special shout out goes out to the coaches for commanding their troops.

We hope that our JV Boys water polo team will continue to learn and to grow from the experiences of their wins and losses of their games, it is okay to lose, we also hope that they have an amazing rest of their water polo season and we hope that they had an amazing homecoming. So, if you would like to help support the JV Boys Water Polo Team or any of the water polo teams, we encourage you to go to their games and cheer for them with all the energy that you have.

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