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Holden Vigna Shares his Influences, Experience, and Information about his Band Window Girl

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

What is your name, what’s the name of your band, who else is in your band, and what kind of music do you play? My name is Holden Vigna, I’m in the band Window Girl, and we play rock music. Meztli Medina, she goes to BV. We also have Edynn and Steven.

When did you start playing together? Ian and Meztli started the band two summers, the summer during the start of the pandemic. Then I joined a year ago. So I’ve been in the band for about a year and the band is about a year and a half old. And Steven joined two months ago.

What encouraged you to join the band? I had been wanting to join a band, actually, I wanted to start one. And they had been looking for a guitarist and a singer. And I can do both.

What’s the next step once you were all in the band? The next step is getting shows to play. And every show we sell merch. Merch means we make money, and money means we can record.

Do you face the same challenges now as you did before in the pandemic? No, back then A) there weren’t shows for us to go to and we weren’t ready. Now, we’re ready and there still aren’t enough shows to go to. But hopefully soon. We practice once a week, we practice on Sunday from one to six.

Are there any musicians that inspire you? Alive? Yeah, we all really like a bunch of different music. But for me personally, I like Sonic Youth. Their lead guitarist Thurston Moore, he’s really inspiring. Also J Mascis and Kurt Cobain, but he’s dea

What instrument do you play and for how long? I play the guitar. For I think, almost three years. I wanted to learn to play the “All Along the Watch Tower” by Bob Dylan, and I didn’t ever learn that but I picked up guitar anyways.

If you could play with any band, what band would it be? Like in it? They’re called the Paranoyds, but it’s with a “y” instead of an “i”. They play rock.

Is there any advice you would want to give out to aspiring musicians? Just do it. There are people in your grade that will play bass and drums, or if you play bass there are people who play guitar. It’s not hard to find them, what’s hard is actually doing it. But once you get past those first getting to know each other and starting to play with each other, it’s fun.

When’s your next show? Given the weather, this could change. But we are having a show on October 24th, which is this Sunday. Hope to god, that we can find a spot to do it. Because the place we had originally planned to do it, won’t work with the rain, so that information will actually be coming out later today.

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